Using Anabolic Steroids To Enhance Performance And Muscles; Is It Really Worth The Risk?

Today when there is so much information available about the use of Anabolic Steroids and their ill effects, would it be really wise to use them for enhancing muscles and improving performance in competitive sports? Especially when everybody is aware of the strict rules imposed by World anti Doping Agency (WADA) against use of such substances by athletes at domestic and International level, using Anabolic steroid to enhance performance and muscles is definitely not worth the risk.

Let us recall that famous 100 meters final at the 1988 Seoul Olympics? An event which was supposed to be a run of glory for Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson who clocked 9.79 seconds to win the race; it soon turned out to be a run of shame for him when he was tested positive for taking Nandrolone Anabolic Steroids. This revelation not only resulted in him being stripped off the coveted gold medal, it also saw him getting banned from participating in Track and Field events for a period of 2 years.

The lure of using Anabolic Steroids stems from the fact that they produce results much faster than the natural process, which is a big enticement for young guys who are crazy about showing off their bulging muscles, and impressing girls with their toned muscular physique. As a matter of fact, this is probably the biggest reason that lures youngsters to go for performance enhancing Anabolic steroid, so that they can change the perception of people about their personality.

It seems paradoxical sometimes that the thought of being the best pushes people to do even those things that could potentially cause permanent damage to their bodies. Prolonged usage of these substances can cause mood disorders, depression and damage the central nervous system as well. It also enhances the risks of heart attacks, kidney and liver diseases and cancer as well. There have been instances of facial hair and hoarseness in females who indulge in prolonged Dianabol for sale Steroid use. Apart from that, instances of nose bleeds, tendon damage, sleeplessness, muscle tears, aching joints are other common side effects of taking steroids.

If the advantages of using steroids are put against the disadvantages of their use, there is no doubt that disadvantages will outweigh the very few benefits associated with these substances by a huge difference. That’s why; the smart thing would be to stay away from Steroids. Instead, one could always look at using protein powders to achieve muscle gain, naturally and safely.